Oak Dining Furniture – Boring or Beautiful?

Posted By admin / 20th February 2019 / Uncategorised

Timeless or old-fashioned, beautiful or boring, what do you think about solid oak dining furniture? Personally, I feel they are classic pieces of furniture that have so many advantages over their more contemporary competition that if I ever needed to replace mine, which under normal circumstances, I won’t, replacing with a similar table would be the only option for me.

Tables made from durable oak stand the test of time, and if you’re looking for something to enhance your dining room that exudes quality and sophistication, then an oak dining table and chairs are the obvious choice.


Oak furniture in general has been in use since the 15th century, and oak is a timber is still favoured by numerous craftsmen and consumers alike. Over the centuries, especially when the kitchen was a meeting place for the whole household, as well as a hive of activity, oak dining tables were the centrepiece where everything happened.

The stress, strain and weight that these tables must have been subjected to over the years, must have been tremendous, yet they survived! You would not see modern day furniture lasting more than a few weeks in situations like that.

Oak is one of the few materials that can remain elegant whatever treatment it has suffered in its time as it is an extremely robust hardwood, and relatively easy to repair. Therefore, it is little wonder oak is just as popular for furniture use today as it was five centuries ago.

Elegance and Warmth

Oak offers many advantages over other varieties of wood, the main one being the aura of natural elegance and warmth. The pride and passion applied by a craftsman to create an oak dining table is evident and can never be matched by a flat packed kit. As well as natural oak, you can buy smart painted furniture made from oak, which has all the benefits of the bare timber with added decorative features.


The downside is of buying dining furniture or indeed, any other item of furniture made from oak is that this timber is initially going to cost you more than a piece you can pick up at the big Swedish store. But the longevity oak offers, allowing it to be of use to generation after generation, should be considered when you make a purchase based solely on cost, which ultimately may work out more expensive in the long run.


Whether you go for cost or quality will depend on your tastes and how you see your home, but if you like to treat yourself and your home well, oak pieces will never lose their charm. Hardwood timbre will look as good in 10 years’ time as it does today, and it will never go out of fashion.

Can you seriously justify saying the same about a veneered, aluminium and glass dining table? The thought is almost laughable – if you damage a modern table, it remains damaged until it is replaced. An oak dining table can take a lot of punishment, and if it is seriously damaged a skilled craftsman will be able to restore it to its former glory. They will adopt the same techniques as the craftsmen who originally made the table used many years before.

Also, bear in mind, an aluminium and glass dining table will always look the same, but oak dining furniture is versatile. You can oil, wax, or varnish it to give them a diverse look.

A lot of homeowners agree the beauty of oak just gets better over time, so avoid thinking of an oak dining table as just another functional piece of furniture, look at it as an investment.

In years to come your grandchildren could be nursing their new-borns at the very same table that you are sitting at tonight enjoying your evening meal.