Sleepless Night? How Hypnotherapy Can Help

Posted By admin / 23rd September 2018 / Health News

You might be surprised to know that a third of the world’s population suffers from Insomnia. Most people understand that without a good night’s sleep we simply do not function as well as we should. At one point or another, the majority have had some sleepless nights. If you are lucky enough to only experience a few bad nights here and there, life usually carries on as usual. However, if insomnia persists both physical and mental health can go downhill rapidly: Anxiety, depression and irritability takes over. Statistics also reveal that people suffering from sleepless nights are 27% more likely to start piling on the pounds! When insomnia strikes, it can affect our personal and professional life and that rarely results in a positive outcome.

Insomnia is not just about not being able to go to sleep. The problem is more often the inability to stay asleep for more than a few hours. As a result, that person does not enter a deep sleep and so consistently wakes up and has to go through the whole “battle process” of going back to sleep. GP’s often prescribe sleeping tablets to try and control the condition. However, most people understand there are risks associated with taking these drugs. Hypnotherapy can help with this and does not have “side-affects” and is certainly not addictive – Definitely something to consider.

Self-Hypnosis v Professional Hypnosis

Hypnosis has worked for many people suffering from sleeping problems all around the world. That is a fact. One of the major considerations initially is, do I opt for self-hypnosis or seek help from a registered professional like this leading rapid transformational therapy consultant? Without doubt, online you will find plenty of free and inexpensive resources. Often, hypnosis recordings can be downloaded. The primary advantage of this is straight forward enough, economy. Self-hypnosis is inexpensive compared to receiving professional hypnotherapy. Another advantage, you can stay in the privacy and comfort of your own home, no travelling involved. However, it’s a bit like buying a workout gym for the home. Of course, that works for some but not everyone – It’s all too easy to say tomorrow, tomorrow and in this way, you never actually reach your goal. Visiting a professional hypnotherapist is akin to getting your own personal trainer. While self-hypnosis might seem economical, if it does not deal with your insomnia then the cost is far greater than the price of professional help. With a professional you will reach you goal.

Another disadvantage of self-hypnosis is that it’s usually generic. A professional hypnotherapist will assess you as an individual and in doing so direct your therapy to deal with your sleeping problem in a very specific way: After all, there are many reasons why someone can suffer from insomnia. They will dig deep to find the underlying issues that are causing the sleeplessness. In addition, the fact there is personal interaction certainly intensifies the therapy – Without doubt, self-hypnosis is far more limited when you compare the benefits of one-on-one hypnotherapy – Without doubt, for those who have suffered from insomnia too long, it can be absolutely life changing.