Spanish House Sales – Which Areas Offer The Best Deals?

Posted By admin / 21st September 2015 / Property News

Spanish house prices have taken a tumble recently and sales within the country have been minimal; this has opened up a world of opportunity for investors and even people who are just looking to emigrate to Spain. Like any country, there are certain areas to buy property in Spain which will give you more for your money; the areas that will be most beneficial to you will depend on whether you are an investor or a plan to use the property as a home residence.

As an investor it’s important to stay away from the rural areas of Spain as these are the parts that don’t get much action, there is little night-life, the population is low, and there just won’t be too much potential available in terms of profit. Instead, take a look at some of the major cities such as Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia and Seville. It would also behove of you to take a look at some of the party destinations such as Majorca or Ibiza.

The opposite applies to you if you are looking to reside in Spain, the further away from the major cities and tourist attractions you venture the more you will get for your money. This is simply because there isn’t too much going on and there isn’t much potential for profit in these areas.