The Demand For Fulham Loft Conversions Goes Through The Roof

Posted By admin / 29th May 2019 / Property News

With the problems associated with the housing market at present, prices fluctuating and with an uncertain future, many have chosen to refurbish or renovate their UK property with a view to increasing its value as well as living space. Two of the most popular and effective ways of increasing living space are loft conversions and home extensions, both offering an excellent opportunity to not only increase available accommodation but also value.

One of the main problems is locating a suitably qualified company to plan and complete the project to exacting standards and with a level of customer care that is second to none. Fortunately for those who live in the Fulham area, there are several construction firms that offer this and more.

There is no doubt that the popularity of loft conversions in Fulham has increased dramatically in recent years, whether due to the uncertainty in the housing market or the recession. One of the key elements of any form of home extension is the fact that it not only increases the available living space, but ultimately increases the value of the property. It is for these reasons that many have chosen this path rather than to sell their property in the current economic market.

Loft Conversion Costs

If you are converting your loft in Fulham, you will need to plan for about £40,000 depending on the conversion. Throughout the UK, like with most other home projects there will be regional variations, with the cost for a full loft conversion ranging between £18,000 and £38,000. However the costs of contracting a specialist loft company can be lowered alot if you are very handy and able to do some of the work yourself, hopefully with the help of friends and family.

Some UK loft conversion firms will be wiling to construct a ‘shell’ conversion where the structural work is done but the owner of the home is left to complete the internal work. Needless to say, this is a much cheaper option than hiring a firm for a full loft conversion and is the chosen option of many UK property owners.

What To Look for in a Fulham Loft Conversion Company

Features of a good construction company include the offer free detailed quotations, the peace of mind of a guaranteed fixed price contract, as well as project management and quick turnaround times. In addition, it is great if they offer 3-D design architecture services, if required. All this information and more should be provided within the pages of the company website.

Companies should also provide an informative picture gallery which offers testimony to their outstanding levels of customer service and quality of work, whilst further testimony is provided by the various client testimonials.

For anyone looking to add a room within their own property, by extending their property up as opposed to outwards, they can be certain of adding considerable value to a property in Fulham, and therefore gaining a lot more than the very useful extra living space.